Why Order and Pay Apps are the Future of Hospitality
Ordery and Pay with Ordery. The future of hospitality ordering

Why Order and Pay Apps are the Future of Hospitality

The Covid-19 pandemic has made businesses of all kinds rethink the way they do business. However, it is the hospitality sector which has perhaps been the most severely impacted. As companies move fast in adapting to the latest restrictions and guidelines, here’s a closer look at why order and pay apps are the best way forward…

Limit contact

Social distancing is a cornerstone of good business practice in the Covid-19 world, which makes using cash payments seem positively outdated. This trend looks set to extend far beyond 2020, so it is wise for companies to install contactless (and limit contact) solutions to help them thrive.

The Ordery app provides the ideal solution, with the ability to streamline transactions and ensure that staff and clientele can still socially distance.

Organised and orderly

Make sure you stay organised and on top of everything with Ordey’s Order and Pay solution

To stay safe and hygienic, companies also need to remain organised. This means a simplified, easy to understand ordering process for customers and a similarly simple transaction process for meal prep, delivery and table service. The Ordery solution utilises a simple order and pay app which takes the hassle out of table service and ordering, providing a one-stop method for many different types of food-related businesses.

This is also a great way to process more orders during busier periods – an essential part of running a Covid-19-proof hospitality enterprise.


The best apps of this kind understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, and many hospitality businesses have been financially impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, Ordery keeps it affordable – with a table service ordering app available at a baseline cost of just £20 p/m.

Harness customer data

Stay Organised with Ordery with customer data the best order and pay solution on the market
Ordery helps you stay on top of your Order and Pay system by analying basic customer data to reward repeat customers and more

Not everyone is tech-savvy, but the right order and pay app can make a world of difference for customers and staff. There are also several fantastic benefits to using order and pay apps within your hospitality business, including the opportunity to harness customer data and really make the most of the information at your fingertips.

Getting to know your customers is a fantastic way to market to them, offer promotions and added incentives to visit and spend time (and money) with your business. It helps the customer feel more connected and recognises them as an individual, rather than just a number.

The Ordery advantage

The right order and pay app puts the customer at the centre of all future actions and creates pandemic-proof conditions for not only staying in business, but thriving in a mid-Covid and post-Covid landscape. Get in touch with us at Ordery to talk about your requirements, challenges and plans for the future of your hospitality business.


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