Improving your business image with a table service ordering app
Make sure your business even if your door is shut. Home delivery, Order to collect, Table service with Ordery

Improving your business image with a table service ordering app

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way our pubs and bars operate. While many customers still want the chance to get out and about, concerns over the spread of the virus (and the need to adhere to current restrictions) mean companies need to bolster their public image – and take decisive action.

To be most effective, this action must both appeal to customers and adhere to the latest guidelines. Thankfully, there’s a table service ordering app which does just that and more.

Why do customers prefer it?

Flexibility has been becoming more and more important for customers in the last few years. The desire for different ways of ordering (collecting/ordering to the table/home delivery and more) are all areas which the Ordery app facilitates.

By remaining flexible, your business can benefit from the best table service ordering app on the market, as well as giving your public image a big boost. Any business which pays attention to the changing needs of its customer base is ideally placed to benefit right now, with fierce competition for custom and the Covid-19 pandemic looking set to change the way customers order forever.

Why does this work for hospitality?

The reason why a table service ordering app, particularly an ordering app for pubs and bars, is so popular, is really quite simple.

Instead of requiring customers to carry on ordering their food or drink in the way they always used to, this is a way of adhering to social distancing and using technology to keep the wheels of your business turning. Customers feel reassured, while still getting the service they need. Bars and pubs are able to process orders with ease, as well as adapting the tool to suit their unique requirements.

Contactless transactions

Best Table Service Ordering App Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality
Take contactless payments with Ordery

The importance of going contactless cannot be overstated. It seems likely that even after the pandemic peak has passed, customers will still want to use contactless solutions wherever possible. This encourages greater social distancing but gives people their freedom back and encourages greater interaction and commercial activity.

Try it for free

For customers who aren’t sure whether the Ordery app is for them, we offer a free trial – helping you get to grips with all facets of the app before deciding whether you want to go ahead with a subscription. Our affordable price point means you can benefit from this business-enhancing tech without breaking the bank.

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