Boosting Brand Image with Order and Pay Apps
Boosting brand image with Order and Pay solution from UKs leading solution for take away, table service and click and collect food and drink ordering

Boosting Brand Image with Order and Pay Apps

Brand image has always been important to companies in the hospitality space. However, in 2020 this has become more important than ever before. With changing restrictions amid the Covid-19 pandemic and a whole fleet of new rules and regulations to adhere to, companies need to get creative to bolster and future proof their businesses.

An order and pay app is a fantastic way of doing just that – here’s a few key ways this clever tech and boost your image in these difficult times:

  1. Customer friendly

The last thing you want to do right now is alienate your customer base. An order and pay app such as Ordery is infinitely user-friendly, giving you the opportunity to appeal to what customers truly want.

These mobile apps give your customers the opportunity to order and pay for your services with limited interaction – essential during a pandemic where social distancing has become the gold standard. Customers will delight in the freedom which they have when using an app, and appreciate the added care and attention which has been paid to their user experience.

2. Greater engagement

In a competitive environment, you need to stand out from the crowd. One way of doing this (for the right reasons) is to actively engage with your customer base. Greater engagement means more sales and a boosted brand recognition, helping to fuel a continuous stream of custom.

There are many methods for attracting and retaining your customers using the data received during the order and pay process – most popularly, you can stay in touch with them via SMS or e-mail and notify them of new promotions and deals.

3. Streamline services

The side of running your business which customers don’t see – whether in the kitchen or behind the bar – is nonetheless an essential part of boosting your brand image. If there’s chaos in meal or drinks prep, this will be reflected in the customer experience.

Ordery allows you to receive payments (or cash payments) and process orders for collection, in-house dining or takeaway. It also provides a layer of social media marketing, another key factor in any modern business.

Ready to try Ordery for yourself?

Free trial of Order and Pay from Ordery. Enquire for more details. UKs number one Order and Pay table ordering solution
Free trial of Order and Pay from Ordery. Enquire for more details. UKs number one Order and Pay table ordering solution

At Ordery, you can access all these great benefits for just £20 p/m. Get in touch with the team today to discuss our flexible solution for a future proof hospitality business in 2020 and beyond!

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