About the company



We have worked closely within the restaurant industry for a number of years streamlining processes, bulk deliveries and reducing cost. After listening to our customers and further ways we can improve, we have decided to embrace the customer focus side where there is a real lack of in-house ordering solutions. We have seen some large chains of restaurants take this approach with their own systems which has proven to be extremely successful. These sorts of systems are awfully expensive to produce and maintain so it is often a hindrance  for small businesses to implement.

This is where we come in. We have a custom made software for all businesses. No matter the size of the restaurant, bar, food stalls or cafe, we can help you. We not only help creating apps and helping you embrace technology, we also include social media marketing.

A word from the Co-Founder

How can Ordery help vendors?

Let us show you how

It is often hard or difficult to picture how certain new procedures would be when implemented. Let us run through the system with you before you make any decision.

We have created a full front end and back end system where orders can be split between the kitchen and the bar.

Your staff will spend more time doing the jobs only they can do - making the meals and delivering it to the tables.