Covid-19’s Lasting Impact on Pub Ordering Processes
Covids lasting impact and how Order and Pay from Ordery will help the industry. best bar and pub app

Covid-19’s Lasting Impact on Pub Ordering Processes

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way all businesses work, but while many business owners may be hoping for a return to normal, here at Ordery we have a more pragmatic approach.

It seems that some variation on the current rules and regulations will stick around for a while, helping to safeguard customers and staff.

The rise of cashless payments

Cash has been losing popularity for many years, but it seems the Covid-19 pandemic has only helped to hasten a seemingly inevitable transition to a more cashless way of paying. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, cash is naturally more prone to carrying germs and potential infection from one person to another – making it a dangerous option for companies which want to play it safe.

Secondly, card is often simply more convenient; and as the world battles a deadly virus, many customers prefer to simplify and streamline as much of daily life as they can.

We suspect that there will be a boom in cashless payments not only during the pandemic, but beyond. However, some customers will probably always want to use cash – and by using Ordery, you’ll have an app for that too!

Convenience and social distancing

During times of upheaval, customers (and staff) need a convenient way to process orders and pay. A handy app like Ordery could be the perfect partner, adding a more user-friendly way to select, process and pay for pub drinks (and food).

The pub experience has long been considered a communal one, and elements of this are likely to remain post-Covid. There is something comforting about gathering with friends or family over a few drinks at a familiar setting. But social distancing remains important, and so order and pay at table apps also give customers the opportunity to adhere to these rules without missing out on socialising.

When combined with the other requirements of local and national government, using smart tech can help businesses stay open at this difficult time.

Digital communication

Digital Comminucation with Order and Pay solution from Ordery for your hospitality needs. Bars, Pubs, Hospitality, Hotels
Digital Comminucation with Order and Pay solution from Ordery for your hospitality needs. Bars, Pubs, Hospitality, Hotels

Traditionally, only the larger pub chains have been able to access digital means of communication with their customers. They’ve had the ability to market to customers within apps, using this data to not only keep in touch, but offer promotions and special deals which act as enticement to visit again.

Now, this is possible for smaller and mid-sized pubs, thanks to a greater affordability. The Covid-19 pandemic makes customer service more important than ever, as there is often lots of competition for the customers who are actively engaged in pub culture. This represents yet another major change prompted by the ongoing pandemic, which is likely to remain for the foreseeable future.

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