How Technology is Shaping the Hospitality Industry
Order and Pay technology by Ordery shaping the future of the hospitality industry

How Technology is Shaping the Hospitality Industry

The tech industry has given us many great things. Using the latest tech we can now keep in touch with our customers, process orders and get to know the individuals and groups who shop with us. For hospitality companies, all of these areas are essential with a Covid-19 backdrop.

Here are some of the most important ways technology is shaping the hospitality industry of the future…

Greater insights

Until quite recently, only larger brands have been able to access a wide breadth and depth of knowledge about their customers. Now, with apps like Ordery, it’s possible to find out much more about the people who are actively using your service.

Competition has made these insights more important than ever before. They provide the ideal opportunity to use this data to enhance your business, through offering promotions and added incentives to shop with you again. This data is gleaned during the order and pay process, and this lets you keep track of customer interactions in a simplified yet impactful way.

Better service

New tech is also helping companies provide a better service. This is due to both using the insights to provide promos, and also through simply using technology to provide a simplified ordering and paying process.

Using an app like Ordery, you can really get to know your customers, and stay in touch with them using SMS, email or social media. For an affordable monthly fee, you’ll have a world of information at your fingertips, helping to grow your business against what may feel like an increasingly difficult time.

Choice of payment methods

Different payment options with the Ordery Order and Pay solution
Different payment options with the Ordery Order and Pay solution

Cash can be tricky to deal with in a hospitality setting, and more and more customers are uneasy with using it during the ongoing pandemic. However, other customers trust cash far more than card. Shifting rules and regulations may at times also make smart card payments more appealing at some times, and cash more appealing during other occasions. Having an order and pay app which facilitates both methods puts you in a competitive position.  


Hospitality companies also need to remain flexible during uncertain times. The Covid-19 pandemic has helped to emphasise how quickly conditions can change, and the restrictions associated with the crisis continue to shift and adapt in response to changing circumstances.

As regional lockdowns become the temporary norm, tech is helping hospitality companies stay afloat. During busy periods, an app such as Ordery can help your team process as many orders as possible, all while remaining accurate, secure and easy to use.

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