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Best Table Service Ordering App Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality
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Table Service Ordering App, Ordery and Pay, Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality

What Are The Benefits?

Reduce Your Overheads

This streamlining of your operations means less costs to you. You get more orders in and staff are more focused on delivering food or drink instead of taking orders or payments.

Increase sales by Up To 40%

Get more orders in during busy time periods when staff are busy. Drinks orders increase through much greater convenience, particularly during peak times.

Low cost

Get more orders in during busy time periods when staff are busy. Drinks orders increase through much greater convenience, particularly during peak times.Our low cost app allows you to build your own customer database along with Home delivery or Click and Collect business without paying the extortionate fees of other popular apps


We can also customise the system to meet your specific needs if you have multiple outlets. Please enquire for more information

Be ready for Future Changes

Your customer’s dine-in experience will be different POST-Corona. With the easing and tightening of restrictions around COVID-19 guidelines, make sure your venue is ready for these changes and can carry on trading through these uncertain times. Keep your business COVID-19 secure with Digital Menus, Mobile Ordering, Touchless/Contactless Payments and more

Every Ordering Option

- Order to Collect

- Order to Table

- Order for a Friend

- Home Delivery / Takeaway


We help our merchants maximise their earning potential by giving customers the ability to place orders without needing to leave the comfort of their table

What Do You Get?

Here is a list of just some of the features you get on our platform

Some of our extensive


  • Unique URL

    You can embed the site on your own website to process orders as well as being on the Ordery portal

  • Instant Online Access

    Be up and running instantly!

  • Free QR Code

    Your own unique QR code will be provided in your dashboard

  • Facebook Ordering

    Have a button on your Facebook page to take and process orders

  • View Live Orders

    Accept/decline orders as they come through. There is also a unique Kitchen Display Screen for the kitchen staff to see orders as the come through

  • VAT Accounting

    VAT can be adjusted per item and tracked

  • Stronger Customer Engagement

    You can see who are the repeat customers are and offer specific discounts

  • Promote Special Offers

    Let customers know about any dish-of-the-day or discounts and have the flexibility to change your menu whenever it is needed

  • Discount Codes

    Ability to offer customers discount codes

  • Apple Pay

    Accept Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

    Accept Google Pay

  • Financial Reporting

    View your financial reports

  • Dish Reporting

    Report on all orders

  • Home Delivery

    Accept home deliveries

  • Click & Collect

    Accept click and collect orders

  • Step by Step Guidance

    Lots of helpful literature and in-system guidance to get you up and running in no time.

  • Brand Awareness

    Build better brand awareness by enabling easier ordering and social media marketing

How To Grow, Reduce Cost And Increase Revenue Using Ordery

Best Table Service Ordering App Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality
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Let Us Help You Build Your Business

Nurture your home delivery business or run a click and collect set up without paying high fees to other apps. Mention us on your leaflets or other promotional materials. Save thousands of pounds per month. With our platform you can sms and email your regular customers encouraging them to use Ordery for your orders.​


We help restaurants, bars and all types of businesses in hospitality take orders direct from customers


Save time with your staff taking orders and ensure they spend more time delivering food & drinks


Get more orders in on busy evenings by giving your customers the option to directly order via Ordery. The process is even more streamlined with our ORDERY SMART CARDS. Just tap and open directly onto your menus.



# lets grow your business

Best Table Service Ordering App Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality

What do our merchants think of Ordery?

We are very happy with the Ordery app. We have created a beer garden in response to the pandemic and wanted a contactless ordering and payment solution. The beer garden has been a huge success and Ordery has worked very well for us. Whilst table service is labour intensive having the app has minimised the impact and has worked smoothly. The app is easy to set up and we have it reporting appropriately to three different departments; the bar, the kitchen and the wood-fired pizza hut. Orders simply ping to pcs or tablets in each department, the order is served and we receive payment swiftly into our bank account.
Best Table Service Ordering App Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality
Churchill Hotel and Beer Garden
Ordery has really become an essential part of our business since the pandemic hit. The app is simple to program and is now fully integrated in our current business model. Our menu is at the finger tips of all our customers and thanks to Ordery we're providing a slick covid-secure service which would not have been possible without them. We'd highly recommend Ordery to any venues looking to maximise product sales in the digital landscape. We'd like to say a personal thank you to Luke for the excellent management of our account. These are stressful times and having someone at the end of the phone, working closely with us has been a god send. They very quickly developed features within the app around our business needs and were available night and day. Would we recommend to a friend? Absoflippinglutely!
Best Table Service Ordering App Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality
Mr Wolf's Rooftop Bar
Excellent solution to table orders with good pricing and great vendor support.
Best Table Service Ordering App Online For Pubs, Bars, Hospitality
RAF Odiham

Stay ahead of technology

and capture all your customers and business

Sometimes the simplest things can make a huge difference to your business. Make sure you stay ahead of the times with Ordery.



What is the transaction rate?

The transaction rate is 1.65% and 10p taken by the card provider. We may be able to reduce these rates depending on your turnover - please get in touch with us.

How do customers order?

Customers order by opening directly onto your menu in one of 3 ways. Scanning a QR code, tapping their smart phones against an Ordery smart card or by visiting our website. You can also embed your Ordery menu on your own site to take orders from visiters.

How are orders received?

You can use Android, iOS or Windows devices in your outlet to receive orders. We also have auto print which enable the orders to print in the kitchen or bar as they are recieved and split accordingly. Auto print is only available via Windows devices.

Is there a set up fee?

There is no Set-Up fee. There are other Add-ons you can include in the order. To find out more details, please visit our Pricing and Features page

Is there a contract?

There is no contract. Either £30/month until you cancel or £20/month paid up front for the year (£240).

How quickly do you receive payments?

You will receive the payments in 24 to 48 working hours.